A Day of Giving – SASSA KZN and Harry Gwala District Municipality

In a heartwarming act of generosity, the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) KZN, under the leadership of District Manager Mr. Khanyisani Mbatha, joined hands with the Deputy Mayor of Harry Gwala District Municipality, Councillor Tiny Jojozi. Their mission was simple yet impactful – to bring smiles to the faces of young learners at Ezimpungeni Primary School.

A Gift of Education

The day was marked by the distribution of 54 sets of school uniforms. The uniforms, neatly folded and packed, were handed over to the eager and excited students of Ezimpungeni Primary School. The joy and gratitude in their eyes were evident as they received their new uniforms, a symbol of their educational journey.

Unity in Action by SASSA KZN

The event was a testament to the unity and collaboration between SASSA KZN and Harry Gwala District Municipality. Their joint effort not only provided essential school uniforms but also instilled a sense of pride and belonging among the students. The initiative reaffirms their commitment to supporting education and nurturing the young minds of our nation.

Looking Ahead

This act of giving is just one of many steps in the ongoing commitment of SASSA KZN and Harry Gwala District Municipality towards uplifting the community. It serves as a reminder that every act of kindness, no matter how small, can make a significant difference in someone’s life.

In conclusion, the day was not just about handing over school uniforms; it was about giving hope, fostering unity, and investing in our future leaders. It was a day that will be etched in the memories of the students of Ezimpungeni Primary School for years to come.

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