SASSA EasyPay Green Card – What is it & How to Apply

People living in South Africa heard about the term SASSA EasyPay Green Card, as they get paid regularly monthly with this prepaid debit card. It is informed that there is no affiliation between SASSA and EasyPay Green Card as they are entirely different. But to get to know what this EasyPay Green Card is and how it works, remain with us to fully comprehend it.

What is the SASSA EasyPay Green Card

SASSA EasyPay Green Card works as a prepaid debit card. People of South Africa benefit from it, especially SASSA beneficiaries. But, that doesn’t mean it is only available for the SASSA beneficiaries, other people can get access to it as well. Nonetheless, it is announced that SASSA grant holders are receiving as their SASSA monthly payment and it can easily be deducted from their grants every month. It is a simple way for residents of South Africa to get financial assistance, make transactions, and get paid, as the private company of South Africa provides these services to many people in the country.

How did the Confusion Arise regarding the SASSA EasyPay Green Card

As previously stated, SASSA and EasyPay Green Card have no association, and both are entirely different from each other. But, confusion arose, when EasyPay declared that they will only provide loans to the SASSA beneficiaries. People misinterpreted the statement and thought both were connected and that SASSA was using Easy Pay to give loans to its recipients. Concerning this confusion, many people believed that the SASSA Card is the same as EasyPay Card and they could easily get a loan from SASSA by applying. Learn more how to activate SASSA card with easy step

Why is SASSA not related to EasyPay

To understand why these both are not related you first need to know their difference. Many of you know that the SASSA (South African Social Security Agency) is a government agency that provides financial assistance to the citizens of South Africa in case of any financial hardships.

Conversely, EasyPay offers loans that borrowers must pay with interest. Thus, SASSA provides social grants, while EasyPay offers loans which makes them unaffiliated to each other. However, there is one thing you need to understand, EasyPay may inquire about your SASSA receipt when you are getting a loan from them. However, it does not make any alliance between them, as it is merely one factor that EasyPay takes into account.

How to Apply for an EasyPay Green Card

Since you are fully aware of the relationship between SASSA and EasyPay and if you wish to apply for it follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Go to the Net1 Financial service branch closest to you
  • Fill out the application form
  • Submit the application form along with necessary documents such as (documentation of identification, proof of residency, proof of income, health records, marriage or childbirth certificate, bank account details, and recent photos)
  • Wait for the card to be issued
  • Use the instructions on the card to activate it

How to Check EasyPay Green Card Balance

It is quite easy to check your EasyPay balance. You just have to follow some steps

  • Enter the USSD code 1203737# using the phone number you registered.
  • When prompted, enter your EasyPay Green Card PIN.

Details on the balance remaining on your card will be sent to you

Difference between SASSA Card and EasyPay Green Card

To put it simply and briefly, both cards provide financial assistance to the citizens of South Africa, the differences lie in their features and aims. Because the SASSA card and SASSA grants are interconnected as the beneficiaries receive their money on the card. While EasyPay Green Card works independently from the SASSA card and provides financial assistance beyond SASSA grants.


Hence, it has been clear that the SASSA EasyPay Green Card is not affiliated with SASSA. Both work independently of each other. EasyPay does offer loans to the SASSA beneficiaries but has no affiliations with SASSA. This miscommunication arose due to the random declaration of the EasyPay. SASSA offers financial assistance to those in need, whereas EasyPay inquires loan repayment with interest. So, if you desire to apply for the SASSA EasyPay Green Card make sure to read all the terms carefully and keep in mind that both run separately from each other.

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