SASSA Child Grant Increase 2024 Eligibility and Payment Schedule

The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) plays a pivotal role in ensuring social welfare and financial support for vulnerable citizens. Among its various grants, the SASSA Child Support Grant stands out as a lifeline for low-income households. Recently, the government announced an increase in this grant, aiming to alleviate financial strain and enhance the well-being of children across the nation.

Understanding the SASSA Child Support Grant

Purpose & Impact

The Child Support Grant is designed to offer financial assistance primarily to low-income households with children.

It provides a vital safety net, ensuring that children have access to essentials such as nutrition, education, and healthcare. By supporting families, the grant contributes to breaking the cycle of poverty and promoting social equality.

2024 Grant Increase

  • As of 2024, the SASSA Child Support Grant has been raised to R510, marking a R10 increment in the grant amount.
  • This increase reflects the government’s commitment to social justice and equitable distribution of resources.
  • While R10 may seem modest, it represents a significant boost for struggling families.

Reasons of Child Grant Increase

The periodic augmentations of the Child Support Grant managed by the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) are referred to as SASSA Child Grant Increases. These changes are necessary to keep the grant adequate and adaptable against inflation and economic variations.

Adjusting Grants Based on Economic Factors

As inflation and the cost of living vary, the grant amount is periodically assessed whether it covers the basic essential requirements of children in low-income households.

Broader Economic Conditions

Additionally, broader economic conditions, including national budget allocations and overall economic well-being, play a role in determining whether the grant should be increased.

Eligibility Criteria For child grant Increase

To access the Child Support Grant, certain eligibility criteria must be met by both the parents and the child. As per SASSA guidelines, individuals seeking this grant should fulfill the following conditions:

Primary Caregiver Role: The applicant must serve as the primary caregiver for the child. This role involves providing essential care, support, and supervision.

South African Citizenship: To be eligible, the applicant must be a South African citizen.

Why is This Increase Significant

Relief for Struggling Families

The festive season and the transition into the new year can be financially challenging for many households.

The R10 increase in the Child Support Grant provides some relief, allowing families to better cope with day-to-day expenses.

It translates into an extra loaf of bread, a few more vegetables, or a school notebook for a child.

Basic Needs and Dignity

  • Children deserve access to nutritious meals, proper clothing, and educational resources.
  • The grant increase contributes to maintaining their dignity and well-being.
  • It ensures that children can attend school without hunger pangs distracting them from learning.

Investment in the Future

Children are the future of any nation. By investing in their well-being today, we create a stronger, more resilient South Africa tomorrow.

Education, healthcare, and nutrition are building blocks for a prosperous society.

Income Limits

Single Individuals: Annual earnings should not exceed R52,800.

Married Couples: Combined annual income should not exceed R105,600

Child’s Age & Residence

  • The child for whom the grant is claimed must be under 18 years old.
  • The child should reside with the primary caregiver.

Limit on Non-Biologically Related Children

SASSA does not issue payments for more than six children who are not biologically related to the primary caregiver.

Applying for Assistance

If you fall into the category of eligible recipients, follow these steps to apply for the SASSA Child Support Grant:

Visit the SASSA Website: Go to the official SASSA website to access the online application portal.

Provide Personal Details: Fill in all relevant personal information, including employment details

Banking Information: Input your banking details to receive the monthly grant directly into your account.

Efforts to Reach More Families

  • SASSA continues to improve its outreach efforts, ensuring that eligible families are aware of the available grants.
  • Community centers, mobile units, and local offices play a crucial role in disseminating information.

SASSA Child Grant Payment Dates

The payment dates for the Child Grant are predetermined and communicated to beneficiaries through multiple channels:


Regular Updates

SASSA releases and maintains an annual payment schedule. Beneficiaries can refer to this schedule for accurate payment dates.

  • SASSA releases and maintains an annual payment schedule.
  • Beneficiaries can refer to this schedule for accurate payment dates.

Modes of Communication

  • Information regarding payment dates is disseminated through various channels.
  • Beneficiaries can find updates on the, public announcements, and social media platforms.

2024 Payment Dates

  • As an example, for the year 2024, payment dates are set for January 5, February 6, and March 7.
  • Additional dates will be announced later as part of the schedule.


The 2024 SASSA Child Grant Increase is not just about numbers; it’s about hope, resilience, and compassion. By supporting families during challenging times, we create a safety net that prevents children from falling through the cracks.
Remember, every R10 matters—it represents a child’s meal, a schoolbook, or a warm blanket. Let’s celebrate this positive change and continue advocating for social welfare. Together, we build a brighter future for all South African children.

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