SASSA Empowering Communities

SASSA Empowering Communities – Tackling Hunger and Malnutrition Head-On

In the Eastern Region, the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) recently held a community workshop in Cwebe Village, eXhora, within the Amathole District. This event was orchestrated in collaboration with the Human Science Research Council (HSRC). The two-day workshop aimed to empower women and the broader community, focusing on issues such as hunger, malnutrition, social grants, and vulnerability.

The SASSA EC spokesperson, Tabisa Nondwayi-Mayaba, represented the agency at the workshop. The event served as a platform for beneficiary education, with a focus on social security interventions. The community members voiced their concerns, particularly about the challenges they face when accessing various government services. These concerns led to immediate action, mobilizing the local office to address them urgently.

During the workshop, immediate assistance was provided to six undocumented children for child support grants, with applications for 0 – 1 CSG being processed. Additionally, eighteen SRD inquiries were addressed on the spot. 

Nondwayi-Mayaba stated, 

“In our region, we at SASSA have committed ourselves to combat child poverty and malnutrition. The workshop was successful, but what was more rewarding was our ability to provide services to the Cwebe community in response to their needs. We are confident that the lives of the beneficiaries we assisted will change for the better, and their approved social grant applications will commence from May onwards.”

In conclusion, the SASSA and HSRC workshop in Cwebe Village has sparked a beacon of hope for the community. By addressing immediate needs and planning for the future, they’ve set a course towards eradicating hunger, malnutrition, and child poverty. This event signifies a promising step towards a brighter, more prosperous future.

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