SASSA Status Declined – Possible Reasons & Fixations

If your Sassa Grant application gets rejected, it is essential to understand the reasons behind it. If you are unemployed and have applied for the Social grant, and your SASSA status declined, you have the option to apply for reconsideration. However, it is important to be aware of the various reasons that could lead to your application being declined. 

SASSA Status Declined

But you need to understand why your application is being declined. If you meet the Sassa grant criteria, your application is likely to be approved. However, due to the multiple number of applications, temporary failures of application can occur. Here you will be provided with a guide about everything related Sassa status declined.

How Do I Fix My Sassa Status Declined

If your Sassa status is not approved, do not worry too much. Even if your application is rejected, you have a 90-day  to reapply. It is time to avail an opportunity to make things right.

Rejection is not the end of the road for Sassa applications. You can learn from the experience and try again within the next 90 days. Do not let a declined application bring you down. Take a moment and revise your application. Think of the reason why you need support and how you can make improvements. You can fix your declined status by following these steps.

Identify The Mistakes And Correct Them

Firstly, carefully review your application. Sometimes, a small mistake can cause your application to be sassa status declined. Look over all the information you submitted, including personal details, contact information, and financial status. Ensure everything is correct and filled out completely.

Did you possibly forget to include important details? Perhaps there is a number mix-up or a spelling mistake. Treat it like solving a puzzle, you want to make sure all the pieces fit perfectly. Re-check your application form and any supporting documents you provided. It is all about ensuring everything is accurate and in order.

Identify The Mistakes And Correct Them

Sassa offers you the opportunity to request a second look at your application, think of it as a Sassa reconsideration appeal. This is like asking for a do-over and shows your motivation to receive the support you need.

Just because your initial application was not approved does not mean you are out of options. Sassa recognises those things, and they are open to listening. So move for Status declined reconsideration appeal.

Online Reconsideration Request 

Here is how you can appeal on the SASSA website. You have to follow these steps.

  • Go to
  • Enter your ID number and the phone number you used when applying.
  • Ask for a PIN, which will be sent to your registered phone.
  • Once you get the PIN, enter it and pick the month you want to appeal.
  • Select the reason for your appeal and submit it. Now, wait for the appeal outcome.

Telephone Reconsideration Request

To appeal over the phone with SASSA you have to follow these steps.

  • Dial 0800 60 10 11.
  • Choose option 3 to talk to a SASSA consultant.
  • Lodge your reconsideration request during the call.

Please be patient, as the Sassa appeal process may take some time, usually between 30 to 90 days. SASSA is aware of possible delays in handling reconsideration requests but is actively working to address them. Keep this in mind while waiting for a response. Get all details of SASSA telephonic details

How to Apply for The SASSA SRD R350 Grant?

Write a letter or reach out to Sassa, explaining why you think they should give your application another chance. Be honest about what went wrong initially and how you have corrected it.

If you forgot important details, apologize for the oversight and provide the correct information. If there was a misunderstanding, thoroughly explain your situation. Clarity iis key in showing them that you are sincere about receiving assistance.

Why Was SASSA Status Declined – Reasons of Disapprove

It is important to understand that not all rejected applications are due to ineligibility. With millions of applications each month, it is practically impossible to approve everyone at once. If your status shows a failure, there could be other reasons. On the other side if your status is pending, there’s likely nothing to worry about as your application is still under verification.

Now, here are some common reasons for application disapproval.

Mistakes in Application Form

Major errors in the application form can lead to disapproval. Check to ensure all information provided is accurate.

Ineligible for Social Grant

The Social grant has specific eligibility criteria fo each grant, including passing a means test. Being unemployed and not receiving any other social grant is crucial for approval.

Deceiving The SASSA

SASSA strictly follows the rules for the SRD grant. If you apply for the grant without meeting the eligibility criteria, rejection is sure. Legal actions might even be taken in such cases.

Lack of Funds

Due to the multiple monthly applications, Sassa has limited funds. Rejections can occur when the budget is stretched.

Remember, these reasons do not necessarily mean you are ineligible for the grant. It could be a result of system delays, errors, or a need for further verification. If you believe you meet the eligibility criteria, it is advisable to follow up and address any issues with your application.

How to Avoid SASSA Status Declined

Know the Eligibility Criteria

Understand the specific requirements for the SASSA grant you are applying for. Ensure you meet all criteria before submitting.

Give Accurate Information

Re-check and ensure all details in your application are accurate. Mistakes can lead to delays or rejections.

Submit Complete Documents

Include all necessary supporting documents with your application. Incomplete paperwork might result in rejection.

Follow Instructions

Carefully read and follow the instructions in the application form. This helps in smooth processing.

Meet Income Requirements

If income details are needed, provide honest and transparent information about your financial situation.

Keep Communication Records

Document any communication with SASSA, whether through emails, letters, or phone conversations. It is useful in case of issues.

Update Your Information

Inform SASSA promptly about any changes in your personal or financial situation after submitting your application.

Apply on Time

Submit your application within the specified time. Late applications might not be considered.

Seek Help When Needed

If you are uncertain about any part of the application, get assistance from SASSA officials, online community centers, or support organizations.

Check Your Application Status

Regularly monitor your Sassa application status using SASSA’s designated channels. Address any issues on time.

Understand the Appeal Process

Familiarity yourself with the appeal process in case your application is declined. Knowing how to appeal and what is required can be important for reconsideration.


In the end, it is important to remember that facing challenges is normal. If your SASSA Status declined, take the time to carefully check and fix your application, express your genuine need through an appeal, and reach out for help if needed. Review your application, correct your errors and mistakes and then appeal for reconsideration.


  • Correct mistakes and review your application.
  • Seek guidance from SASSA.
  • Reapply with accurate information.
  • Follow SASSA guidelines for an appeal.

It means that your application was processed but did not satisfy the eligibility criteria. Review your application and check the eligibility criteria for your Grant.

It takes 60 to 90 days for ITSAA to review the appeal. After review, SASSA shares the outcome of your application electronically. To check your SASSA Status visit To check the status Your phone number and ID number are required.

It might be due to age restriction because the Sassa R350 Grant is specifically designed for people aged between 18 to 60 years. Candidates out range from this age do not meet the eligibility criteria. therefore, their application status declined.

  • Enter your ID number and your phone number which you used during the application process.
  • Request for a pin which is sent to your registered phone number.
  • Enter the PIN or select a month for which you want to appeal.
  • Choose the reason for the appeal.
  • Submit your request.

If your Sassa status is UIF registered, you are already receiving UIF (Unemployment Insurance Funds) and are ineligible for Sassa funds.