Apply for SASSA Food Voucher – Required Documents & Easy Steps to Follow

SASSA food vouchers are crucial for people needing food and nutritional meals. SASSA the South African Social Security Agency has developed application forms for citizens of South Africa to apply for food parcels through the agency. These food vouchers allow individuals to apply for food with essential items that will reduce their hunger and boost their nourishment sustenance. 

You can apply for this food voucher by visiting the nearest SASSA office and completing the application form. Once, you complete the application form you will receive an SASSA food voucher as payment which will be worth 1200 for each household. To obtain detailed information regarding this topic, read the article till the end to prevent any hindrance to applying for the SASSA food voucher 2024.

Eligibility Criteria for SASSA Food Parcel

To be eligible for the SASSA food voucher you have to fulfil the below-mentioned criteria:


To be eligible for food parcel assistance you must have no income and be unable to meet the basic survival needs.


Priority is given to the people who are facing severe financial obstacles, have no employment, and are not receiving government grants or any kind of support.


Certain vulnerable groups may receive special consideration such as elderly people, people with disabilities, and those who have suffered from calamities or natural disasters.

South African Citizenship

To qualify for the SASSA food parcel aid, you must be a citizen of South Africa and possess a 13-digit bar-coded ID card.

Documents Required to Apply for SASSA Food Voucher 2024

  • Your identity document of 13-digit code
  • Your first and last names, the same as written on your ID card
  • Evidence of your physical residency in any form will be acceptable
  • Your contact details
  • You must have more documents apart from these as they ask for additional ones if they require them.

How to Apply for SASSA Food Voucher Step-by-Step Guide

Visit your Nearest SASSA office

    First, go to your nearest SASSA office, and confirm their availability by knowing their opening and closing hours. SASSA office frequently remains open from Monday to Friday. 

    Obtain the Application Form

      After visiting the SASSA office wait for your turn. When your turn comes ask the SASSA representative to hand you the application form so that you can apply for an SASSA food voucher. 

      Complete the Application Form

        Fill out the form with the correct information they require such as your contact details, home details, income details, and any other necessary information. Make sure to fill the form with valid details otherwise, it will result in cancelling your application. Moreover, remember to attach all the supporting documents. 

        Submit the Form 

          Once you have completed the SASSA application form with supporting documents submit it to the SASSA representative. They may ask for additional documents, so provide them with all the documents they require. Moreover, make sure to adhere to the particular guidelines SASSA has set for submission. 

          Follow Up and Wait For the Approval 

            You may have to wait for SASSA to process your request after submitting your application. It’s a good idea to monitor your application and get in touch with SASSA again if needed. They might send you a reference number or their contact details if you have any questions.

            How will you know your Application was Successful

            Following the submission, your application for a food voucher will forwarded to the municipality or higher SASSA officials. They will assess your application by taking some time as it require some verification or other official processes. As soon as your application approved they will notify you by text message on your mobile number. In case of rejection, SASSA will provide you the formal notification outlining the rationale for denial.

            Validity period of SASSA Food Voucher

            Once your application approved, you have to collect your food within the 30 days as it will remain valid for only a month. SASSA believes that one month is enough to cope up with any disastrous situation.


            Receiving an SASSA Food Parcel can be a useful source of assistance if you’re a South African citizen experiencing financial difficulties. The actual application procedure is not too complicated. You can submit an application for a voucher worth $1200 per family at your closest SASSA office by fulfilling the eligibility requirements and bringing the necessary paperwork. Within 30 days of your application being approved, you must pick up your food parcel and monitor the status of your application through text messages.

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