Sassa Change Banking Details for Sassa SRD Grant Payment 

If you need to change your Sassa banking details for SRD grant, you will need to update your information with the South African Social Security Agency. The SRD r350 grant, also known as the Social Relief of Distress grant, is intended to provide temporary assistance to individuals in need during times of crisis. It is important to ensure that your banking details are accurate and up to date in order to receive your grant money without any delays.

Beneficiaries who are eligible for the SRD grant application can visit nearest Sassa office to complete the necessary forms for changing their banking details. It is important to note that only individuals who meet the eligibility criteria for the SRD grant will be able to receive the financial assistance, so it is crucial to ensure that all information provided to Sassa is truthful and accurate.

How to change SASSA Banking Details

When receiving your SRD grant through a bank account, you may need to update your banking information. This could be for various reasons such as

  • Closing your existing account
  • You might have undergone some malicious financial activities in our existing account. By moving to a new account, you solidify the security of our social grant disbursements.
  • You might just feel inclined to move to a bank which presents enhanced services or reduced charges.

The procedure for revising your SASSA banking information is straightforward and can be easily accomplished online, over the phone, or by email.

Multiple ways to Sassa Change banking details

There are multiple methods to modify your banking details:

  • Simply visit the SASSA online portal to update your information without any difficulties.
  • Send them an email or call SASSA directly.
  • Update the information by visiting the nearest branch office.

Update SASSA Banking Details via Online portal

To get started, navigate to the SASSA official website using the URL and log into your account. If you are applying for the SRD grant and you have not yet registered your account on the SASSA online platform, you can simply set up one by providing your personal details as well as your SRD grant information. It is important to note that owning an account is crucial for modifying your SASSA bank information.

Further process will be as follows.

For South African Citizens

Visit the Sassa website at

Confirm your nationality by selecting whether you are a South African ID card holder.

Under the “How do I change my banking details” section, enter your South African ID Number.

An SMS containing a secure link, unique to you, will be sent to the mobile phone number you provided during the application process.

Check your mobile phone for the SMS and click on the link.

Follow the instructions to update your banking details. Go to the Sassa SRD website by visiting

Validate your citizenship by indicating if you hold a South African ID card.

For Asylum Seekers and Special Permit Holders

Visit the Sassa SRD website

Confirm your nationality by selecting whether you are an Asylum Seeker or Special Permit Holder.

Enter your asylum seeker File Number or special permit holder Passport Number.

Provide your cellphone number.

This will enable you to retrieve the Payment ID, which you can use to collect your Payment at Pick ‘n Pay or the Post Office.

Update Your Banking Details Over The Phone Or In Person

  • If you wish to change your bank account details held by the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA)physically or through call, the following procedures will be followed:
  • Go to the nearest SASSA branch, or dial their toll-free line on 0800 60 10 11 to apply for  a SASSA 13 form.
  • Fill out the SASSA 13 form by entering your individual and updated banking information. All necessary fields must be filled accurately.

After completing the form, affix an attested duplicate of your ID along with evidence of your new bank details, such as a bank statement or a letter issued by your bank. The ID copy should be certified by a commissioner of oaths or at a SASSA office.

Additionally, beneficiary may also need to provide a proof of residence, such as a utility bill or official letter.
Submit the filled form along with all the necessary documents at a nearby SASSA branch or dispatch it via registered post to SASSA’s Main Office at: Private Bag X55662, Arcadia, 0083.
Once your fresh bank details are updated in SASSA’s system, they will let you know about the updated status either through SMS or mail.

Verification Process and Waiting Time

Once you’ve provided your banking information, the system may request further details to confirm your identity. Ensure to submit this accurately. SASSA takes between 5 to 7 business days to authenticate and update your bank information in their system. However, this may sometimes change, depending on the number of applications they receive. During this time, you should be patient and monitor any SASSA notifications on your registered number.

However, this will not influence any due payments before the approval of your new bank details. As soon as your banking information is approved, your sassa grant payments will be transferred to your updated account in the following payment cycle.

Verify Details after Update

Upon confirmation of your revised bank details by SASSA, they will send you an SMS on your enrolled contact number. Subsequently, you may sign in to the web portal to ensure your banking data has been successfully updated.

Tips to Avoid Delays in Approving Your Updated Bank Details

  • I understand that delays in updating your banking information can be frustrating. Therefore, here are a few important suggestions to prevent such incidents.
  • Ensure you have filled out all necessary information, including your ID number, bank account number, and branch code.
  • Scrutinize all the information thoroughly prior to form submission to prevent any errors.
  • Always utilise a safe internet connection when applying.
  • Avoid submitting the application more than once. Submit it once and patiently await the SASSA notification. 

What if You Did Not Receive the Confirmation after waiting

If you haven’t received a notification within seven business days after submitting your application, you can check the status of your banking details by simply logging into the portal. If still there is no update, you have the option to reach out to the SASSA helpline or drop by the closest SASSA office to inquire about the status of your bank detail update request.


The SRD grant stands as a vital support system for a significant portion of South African households. Amidst its importance, ensuring updated banking details is important, and the process, though straightforward, demands accuracy and patience. Whether online, via phone, or in person, SASSA provides different methods for this update. Always remember, meticulousness in the application process is key to a smooth transition and ensures uninterrupted grant payments.

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