SASSA Status Check 2024 – SASSA Status Check Appeal

You have applied for SASSA SRD GRANT, and now you are looking at how you can check your status.

SASSA Status Checker

Sassa Status Check Online

Here, you can check your status after inputting the required information into the check box. Enter your ID number and phone number in the box, and then your specific month grant will be displayed on the screen. 

sassa status

It is pleasing for South Africans to hear the news that SASSA provides social grants to those who are unemployed and unable to support their families. Unemployed individuals who have no source of income, the R350 grant is for them. Check your SRD status. Enter your information ID number or cell number in the check box. SASSA R350 payment date is available here.

How do I check status of Sassa R350?

You have different ways to check your SASSA application and payment status online. Here you are explained by all these methods to check your SASSA Status online for R350 Grant.

SRD status check online/through website

Sassa status check through the Moya app

Check status by using WhatsApp

How to Check Sassa Status online through Website

To check your SASSA application status and payment details through website, follow these simple steps.

  • Visit the Website through the SASSA
  • Enter your valid South African ID number also the cell phone number that you used for application submission.
  • After this click on the submit button.
  • The status will be displayed on the screen.

Status Check through Moya App

You can check your SASSA status on the Moya app by following these steps.

  • Download the Moya app from Google Play Store.
  • Open Moya app
  • Choose sassa grant.
  • Select drop-down menu and check SRD status.
  • Click on application status.
  • Enter required information.
  • Click Submit button.
  • Now you can see the SRD status on screen.

Status check by using WhatsApp

You can check your status by using WhatsApp by following these steps:

  • Add sassa whatsapp 082 046 8553 as a new contact to your phone contacts.
  • Open the newly added Sassa contact in your WhatsApp.
  • Send a message to the Sassa WhatsApp number.
  • You will receive a list of options.
  • Select option 1. This is for an application status inquiry
  • Enter the required details.
  • Sassa status results will be shown on a mobile screen.

Status Check via SMS

These are some steps through which you can check your status via SMS.

  • Open a text message on your phone.
  • Type message
  • Sassa ID number
  • Send it to 082 046 8553
  • You will receive a message with information about your Sassa R350 grant status

SASSA Status Check R350 Payment Dates 2024

Below  sassa status check for r350 payment dates. On which date your payments are issued?

Grant MonthOlder Persons GrantDisability GrantChildren Grant
January – 202403-01-202404-01-202405-01-2024
February – 202402-02-202405-02-202406-02-2024
March – 202405-03-202406-03-202407-03-2024
Sassa payment dates

Is the SASSA Payment Not Received by You?

What if you did not receive your Sassa payment? There could be many reasons for the delay in Sassa payments. It might be due to public holidays, verification checks, and processing times. First of all, confirm that the information you have provided is accurate.

If not, then correct your contact number and other bank details and keep up to date with all the provided information. Be patient; there can be some technical issues as well. If you have not received your payment, then contact Sassa directly. You can resolve your issues regarding payments by contacting the toll-free call center at 0800 60 10 11.

Check Sassa Status Pending

If your application verification for that specific month is pending, Sassa status is also pending. Then you would continuously check for this month. You will receive the payment details. If your application is in the Sassa review process, then it will take 3 months after submission. To avoid a pending status, make sure that you provide the correct details of your bank account.

Why did SASSA Status Fail

There could be various reasons why SASSA status failed, like

  • Unemployed Insurance Fund (UIF)
  • Incorrect information
  • Incomplete application
  • Disqualification by law
  • Failure of verification
  • Technical issues

When your identity verification is failed your sassa status automatically fails. It is necessary to match your personal information with your department’s home affairs. You need to correct the details in your application before uploading it.

SASSA Banking Details /

  • You can verify the sassa banking details if payment has not yet been received in your account.
  • There are two different sources to verify your banking details through whatsapp and from website.
  • Send a message from WhatsApp to 082 046 8553.
  • You can see Sassa banking details by visiting the website and using the reference number available on it.

Sassa Status Check Appeal

If your application is not submitted successfully, it is necessary to take steps and submit your Sassa appeal application on the ITSAA website. You can check the appeal by following these steps:

  • Visit Sassa Appeal website.
  • Login your account through which you applied for the SASSA R350 application.
  • Enter the ID number and reference number of the application.
  • Click on the submit button.

After this, you will receive a notification. If you disagree with Sassa’s multiple-month decision, you can create a separate appeal for every month. You have 30 to 90 days for an appeal, so act on time.

Types of Sassa Grant

South African Social Security Agency (SASSA), offer Social grant to people who are unemployed and it is difficult for them to support their families. Sassa provides them with facilities like home, food, and clothing. Here are the  Major types of Sassa Grant.



Checking your SASSA Status is important if you are waiting for approval of your SASSA SRD 350 Grant. The SASSA Status check offers various user-convenient methods to keep you updated on your status and payments. Here you are provided with all possible outcomes and guidance on what to do next, including where and how to collect payments. For the latest update and news for the SASSA SRD Grant visit the official SASSA sources and our Sassa grant news update page. Stay connected, regularly monitor your application status, and ensure you receive your grant on time.

You can check Sassa SRD status by putting your ID number or cell number into the website toolbox and OTP will be sent to your phone. Enter the OTP and you will get your Sassa SRD Status.

By dialling the toll-free number 0800601011. After this, you will get the exact R350 payment dates.

They only check your bank account when you first apply for grant. SASSA does not check your bank account every month.

For this, you can visit your SASSA Website and enter your ID number and reference number, to check your status.

If you lost your SASSA application number then use your mobile phone and dial USSD Code *120*3210 on your mobile phone. You will be shown with a prompt.

It is not possible that you collect your R350 Grant without your phone number. Because your South African Identity is necessary.

An application must have the correct payment number as well as the correct details of your phone number.There could be a reason that you have entered an incorrect number so you would not receive SMS. Otherwise, the office should contact you if you do not receive SMS.

It means that Sassa has not approved your application yet. When your pending status has been approved Sassa will send a notification to you.

Dial *120*3210 and check your SASSA SRD balance.