How to Cancel SASSA Grant – Step by Step Complete Guide

South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) grant serves as a lifeline for many individuals and families. However, if your circumstances have improved and you no longer require the SASSA grant, it would be a responsible step to cancel your grant.

It ensures people genuinely in need can receive support. It also save you from potential penalties for receiving benefits in a case you were ineligible, because ethically, it is against the law to receive SASSA payments if you do not meet the eligibility criteria.

In this guide, I will mention the factors contributing to the cancellation of SASSA grants and examine the implications for those affected.

Process to Cancel Your SASSA Relief Grant Application

If you are a SASSA beneficiary, you can’t apply for a public sector job. You have to comply with regulations imposed by SASSA. Moreover, if you are receiving other government benefits from programs like UIF and NSFAS, in that case too, you can’t apply for a government job.

If you have secured the job and now want to cancel your SASSA Grant R350, you can easily cancel it online. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to cancel your SASSA grant online.

While the SASSA Grant is crucial for many in need, there are circumstances that may prompt individuals to consider cancelling their grant.

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Why Would Someone Want to Cancel their SASSA Grant

Change in Financial Circumstances

One common reason for canceling a SASSA Grant is a significant change in your financial situation. This could be due to a

  • Sudden increase in income,
  • You have got your inheritance
  • Any other earning that exceed the SASSA means test threshold.

Employment Status

If you, as a SASSA Grant recipient secure permanent job or there is a substantial increase in income, you may no longer meet the eligibility criteria for the grant. In such cases, you may choose to cancel your grant to allow those in greater need to benefit from the available support.

Access to Other Financial Assistance Programs

Furthermore, you can cancel your SASSA Grant if you gain access to alternative financial assistance or support programs that better cater to your specific needs or provide more comprehensive benefits.

Above are just a few factors, yet the primary reason will remain same: you must be eligible and needy to receive this grant. Cancellation is not obligatory as long as eligibility criteria are still met.

Step by Step Process to Relief your SASSA Grant

Before Starting the cancellation procedure, it is important to verify the status of grant to check if it is still in effect. If the grant is no longer active, there is no need to cancel the grant as it has already been terminated.

If the grant is still in effect, you must choose one of the following four methods to cancel your SRD grant.

Cancel SASSA Grant via Online Portal

Navigate to the official SASSA website using this URL:
On this page, you’ll notice two fields to fill:

  • one for your ID number,
  • Other for your mobile number.

Enter your 13-digit ID Card Number and the Mobile Number used during your SASSA grant registration into these fields respectively.

Then, hit the “Send Pin” button. An OTP will be delivered to your mobile number.
Enter this code on the webpage to confirm your identity, as it’s important for SASSA to verify you’re the person seeking to cancel the grant.
Upon effective OTP validation, click the “Cancel My Grant” button.
You’ll then be presented a popup message that reads: “Are you sure you want to cancel your grant application?”
Click “Yes” to confirm your decision to withdraw your grant.

Subsequent to this, a confirmation message will be sent to your SASSA-registered mobile number, which reads: “Your request to cancel the SASSA Grant has been submitted.

Cancel Your SRD Grant via WhatsApp

Another easy way to send your grant cancellation request is through WhatsApp. Please adhere to the following instructions:  

  • Start by storing the SASSA WhatsApp number, 082 046 8553, in your phone’s contact directory.
  • Next, send the text “Cancel SASSA R350 Grant” to this WhatsApp contact.
  • You’ll get a reply with multiple choices to select from.
  • Choose “Cancel my application” from the suggested list.
  • You’ll then be asked to provide your ID number and SASSA registered Phone number for verification purposes.
  • Respond with your ID number and mobile number to approve your cancellation.

And that’s all; you’ve successfully submitted your cancellation request.

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Cancelling Your SASSA Grant via Email

Another not-so-popular technique is to terminate the SASSA aid program by forwarding an email to SASSA. Although I favor first method (online process) of terminating the application on the web, you might have varied options. If you choose to forward the termination request through email, these are the steps you will follow.

  • Access your email program and choose the option to compose a new message.
  • In the subject field, clearly state that the email concerns the termination of your SASSA grant.
  • In the body of the email, express your intention to terminate your SRD grant, and you may also mention your reasons for doing so.
  • Make sure to include your ID number and contact number in the email as this is the only way SASSA can associate this request with your application.

 If you have any particular queries regarding the grant termination and the repercussions, you can include them in your email. Before hitting send, it’s important to double-check your email content, most importantly your ID number and phone number.

When you’re sure that everything is accurate, send email to SASSA at [email protected].

Cancel Your SRD Grant via Calling SASSA Helpline

If you find the above methods unsatisfactory and desire genuine human engagement, you may choose this method to withdraw your application.

Kindly follow the subsequent procedures:

  • Reach out to the toll-free SASSA helpline by dialing 0800 60 10 11.
  • Follow the instructions from the automated voice and select the option to converse with a real person. Most of the times, this is usually number 1, so press “1”.
  • Make your request to the customer service representative if you wish to terminate your SASSA grant.
  • To verify your identity, you will be prompted to give out your ID number, phone number, and possibly additional identifying documentation.
  • Cooperate with them and send them the requested details.
  • Upon verification of your identity, they will validate your cancelling application.
  • And with that, your submission through call is finished. Sometimes, you might experience delays while waiting for the representative to answer your call due to the high volume of incoming calls to the SASSA helpline. You’ll be attended to as soon as a representative is available.

How Much Time SASSA will take to Approve your Grant Cancellation Request

After submitting an online appeal to cancel your SASSA Grant, you’ll receive a response within 7 days. Once approved, you’ll be notified via SMS, and your grant payments will cease. Use the SASSA Status Checker to confirm cancellation and confirm it that you are eligible for applying government jobs.

How Can I Cancel My SASSA Relief Grant Application Without a Phone Number

If you’re lacking the phone number necessary to terminate your SASSA relief grant, you’ll need to visit your local SASSA branch. Be sure to bring along your ID, as a SASSA officer will need to authenticate your identity before agreeing to your cancellation request.

If due to illness, disability, or other factors you’re unable to physically go to the SASSA office and wish to cancel online, you’ll need to modify the phone number registered with SASSA on their web portal. Upon updating your phone number, you’ll be able to cancel your grant online.

Can I Reinstate My Cancelled SASSA Grant Again in the Future

Absolutely, it’s possible to reactivate your previously canceled grant at a later date. First and foremost, it is my hope and wish that you do not encounter any tough situations in the future, however, I acknowledge that life can be erratic.
SASSA is sympathetic to this reality, striving to assist its citizens who are struggling, and therefore offers methods to reactivate the grant – if someone finds themselves in a critical situation again after cancellation. To reactivate your canceled grant, you would need to file a SASSA reactivation application.  

What Happens If I Continue Receiving SASSA Grant While Ineligible

If you were eligible for the SASSA grant when you applied but no longer meet the means test and other eligibility criteria, it’s really important to cancel your grant. Continuing to receive payments when ineligible is considered fraud and carries serious consequences:

  • Fraud Charges: Receiving grants improperly can result in criminal charges, fines, and potential imprisonment, depending on the amount and intent.
  • Debt Recovery: SASSA can demand repayment of any overpayments, including interest and penalties.
  • Blacklisting: You may be barred from future SASSA grants or other government assistance programs.

If being ineligible, you don’t cancel your grant it, can complicate your life. It will affect your ability to meet financial needs and will damage your reputation. It could also stop your prospects for employment or obtaining loans due to a criminal record. SASSA conducts regular checks to identify ineligible recipients, so it’s essential to notify them immediately if you’re no longer eligible.


Cancelling your SASSA grant when circumstances improve, is essential to uphold eligibility criteria and prevent potential legal repercussions. This ensures equitable distribution of resources to those genuinely in need, safeguarding both the integrity of the program and your own financial stability.

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