Reinstate Your SASSA SRD Grant After Cancellation

On February 22, 2023, Finance Minister Enoch Godongwana in his budget speech, confirmed that SASSA SRD grant has been prolonged until March 31,2024.  Now this SRD R350 grant is being operated according to the Social Assistance Act 2004 (Act No. 13 of 2004), under the supervision of the Minister of Finance.

Every month, Sassa accepts new applications in bulk which are carefully reviewed, and decisions are announced by the 15th of the month. Recent reports show that, out of 11.4 million applicants in June, only 5.2 million were approved, highlighting the high competition.

If you previously received grant benefits but cancelled your application for any reason, you can still reapply. Following are the scenarios Individuals are eligible to reapply to SASSA.

Their Previous Application was Declined

If an applicant’s initial request for a social grant was denied, they might have the opportunity to submit a new application for the same grant. It’s important for the applicant to understand the reasons for the initial rejection and resolve any issues before reapplying.

Their Circumstances Have Changed

If there have been changes in an applicant’s circumstances since their last application, they could qualify for a social grant. For instance, if someone was employed before but has since become unemployed and requires support, they might be eligible for a social grant.

You have Missed the Deadline

In the event that a candidate failed to meet the deadline for applying for a social grant, they may have the chance to submit a new application during the next open application period. However, it is important to note that submitting a new application does not guarantee approval, and candidates must confirm that they still qualify for all eligibility requirements before reapplying.

If a beneficiary’s social assistance has expired, they may be eligible to reapply for the same assistance. In these cases, it is important for the applicant to become familiar with the renewal process for their specific assistance and follow the necessary steps to renew it.

Their Grant Has Expired

In the event that a beneficiary’s social grant has expired, they may have the chance to submit a new application for the grant. However, it is essential for the applicant to be aware that reapplying does not guarantee acceptance. It is important for them to thoroughly examine the process for renewing their particular grant and make sure that they fulfill all the requirements before proceeding with a new application.

How to reinstate the SRD R350 Grant Application

SASSA has activated the reinstatement module for applicants experiencing crises. To apply for restoration, follow the instructions provided online by SASSA.

  • Visit the SRD website at
  • Navigate to the “Cancel my Application” tab and select “Reinstate my Cancelled Grant Application”
  • Enter your ID number and mobile number, then click “Send PIN”
  • You will receive an SMS with a 6-digit OTP number
  • Enter the OTP number and click “Verify PIN”
  • Agree to the terms and conditions
  • Click “Reinstate my Grant”
  • A message will appear asking if you are sure about reinstating the grant
  • Click “YES” to proceed with the reinstatement or “NO” to discard.

Contact SASSA

If your R350 grant application be cancelled, it is recommended to get in touch with the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA), to find out about the restoration process. SASSA can be contacted via their official website, customer service phone number, or by personally visiting a local SASSA office. Click here to get all SASSA contact number details

Provide Necessary Information

 Collect all your personal details, such as your name, identification number, contact information, and any reference numbers associated with your cancelled application. This information will assist the agency in verifying your identity and locating your application in their system.

Explain the Reason for Cancellation

If you’re aware of why your application was cancelled, be prepared to provide an explanation to the agency. It could be due to missing documents, inaccuracies in the information provided, or not meeting certain eligibility criteria. Present any relevant details or documentation that could support your request for reinstatement.

Follow the Instructions

 The agency might offer specific instructions on how to reinstate your cancelled application. This could involve submitting additional documents, updating your application online, or visiting a local office in person. It’s crucial to carefully adhere to their guidelines and provide all necessary information to enhance your chances of successful reinstatement.

Follow up

Understand that the reinstatement process might take some time. Practice patience and stay in touch with the agency as necessary. Keep a record of any reference or case numbers provided, as well as any communication received from the agency. If you don’t receive a response within a reasonable period, don’t hesitate to follow up for updates.

Reinstatement of R350 Grant by Visiting the SASSA Office

Visit the Nearest SASSA Office and Check their Hours

First things first, find out where your closest SASSA office is. You can easily do this by searching for “SASSA office near me” on Google. Once you’ve found it, make sure to check their opening hours. Most SASSA offices operate Monday to Friday, usually from 7:30 AM to 4:30 PM, but it’s best to confirm the specific hours of the office you plan to visit.

Visit to the Office

Now it’s time to make your way to the office during their operating hours. Be prepared for the possibility of long queues and waiting your turn in line

Identify The Mistakes And Correct Them

Inform the SASSA representative that you want to renew your SRD application. They will request your ID card and any other required documents to confirm your identity. Once all your details have been validated, they will handle your application for renewal.

That was all! You have submitted your request for SRD grant renewal. However, I personally like online method as there could be long ques at the SASSA office that can waste your precious time, so if possible, think about applying online to save your time and energy.

Processing Time to Approve Reinstatement Request

SASSA usually take around 7 to 14 days to go through your reinstatement request, but sometimes it can stretch up to 90 days, depending on their workload and the influx of requests they’re handling.

When SASSA has evaluated your application and reached a decision, you will receive an SMS alert. If your application is accepted, your Sassa payments will begin from the date you submitted your grant restoration request. If declined, they will also provide you with an explanation as to why your request to reinstate your grant was denied.

What If my Grant Reinstatement Request is Rejected

If SASSA turns down your request to reinstate your grant, they’ll send you a letter detailing the reasons for the rejection. This letter will also outline your next steps and whether you have the option to appeal their decision.


SASSA offers financial support to eligible individuals. Despite varying approval rates and application processes, reinstatement options are available through SASSA, providing different solutions to those in need of assistance.

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