How to Recover Your Lost SASSA Reference Number

How to Recover Your Lost SASSA Reference Number with 7 Different Methods

When you apply for a SASSA grant, keeping track of your assigned reference number is important for any future communication with SASSA. This number is key to any future interactions with SASSA and without this number you can’t check or monitor your application progress.

Fortunately, SASSA understands that we can sometimes misplace important details, so they’ve provided a handy guide on how to retrieve your reference number if ever you forget it.  Here I have shared different methods available for recovering your reference number based on what works best for you.

Why is the SASSA Reference Number Important

The reference number provided by SASSA is an alphanumeric code linked to your grant account. SASSA utilizes it for the efficient tracking and handling of the application or payout process.
To put it in SASSA’s language, the reference number is essentially your grant application’s unique ID. It holds great importance for both of you, as the recipient, and SASSA, as the service provider, to confirm they are serving the right grant account holder.

This number is commonly used for tracking your application progress and managing all other concerns related to SASSA grants. These may include

  • SASSA reapplication
  • Appealing a rejected SRD grant
  • Altering grant contact information
  • Modifying banking details.

Moreover, the reference number is a stepping stone to obtaining your SASSA OTP code, which is a mandatory tool to confirm your identity with the provided information. 

How to recover your Lost SASSA Reference Number

The easiest method to confirm your SASSA reference number online is through accessing the sassa status check feature on either the SGSC or SASSA official website. You can follow the instructions below.

  • Access the SGSC or SASSA authentic website through the following link:
  • Input your South African ID card number and contact number
  • Press the “submit” button
  • Your SASSA application reference number will appear on your screen, positioned at the top amongst your other application details.

That’s it! You have retrieved your application number with just a few clicks.

An alternative method is via WhatsApp. Subsequent instructions will be  followed to retrieve your SASSA application ID,

  • Store the SASSA WhatsApp number, 082 046 8553, in your telephone directory
  • Compose the message “Status” and send it to the afore-mentioned WhatsApp number.
  • A computer-generated response from SASSA is expected. Respond by saying “Yes” to this text.
  • Continue with the ensuing instructions and give additional details if required.

 You’ll receive your SASSA reference number in no time.


Make sure to enter the SASSA Reference Number Code from the same mobile number you used while applying for your SASSA grant. This is a must because other phone numbers which haven’t been registered for SASSA grant applications will not be effective.

Get Your SASSA R350 Reference Number Via USSD

You can also recover your SRD R350 grant application ID via the USSD process. Follow the instructions provided below:

  • From your mobile phone, punch in the USSD number *120*3210
  • An inquiry will appear on your cell phone screen asking for your identification number.
  • Submit your South African ID Card number.
  • Next, when asked, enter the phone number you employed for your SASSA application.

Following this, your SASSA reference number will appear on your screen. If you experience any issues, there may be some technical issue, however, I have alternate solutions.

  • Unlock your phone and key in *120*62277#
  • The department will help you with a step-by-step guide.
    Follow the guide, and SASSA will send you a message containing your reference number along with the status of your application.

Find Your SASSA Application ID/Reference Number Via Voice Call

If you don’t find the previous methods suitable for retrieving your lost SASSA reference number, then reaching out to the SASSA call center might be a better alternative. Here’s how you can proceed:

  • Place a call on this toll-free SASSA number: 0800 60 10 11.
  • You’ll be greeted by an automated response, and you just need to press 1.
  • You’ll then be connected to a live SASSA representative.
  • Let them know that you’re looking to recover your application ID.
  • They’ll confirm your identity by requesting your ID Card and phone number.
  • Following successful verification, they will then provide your SASSA application reference number.

While this mode of recovery is also simple, my preference leans towards online checks and USSD codes. You might experience a short waiting period before your call is attended to, because of the high volume of calls the representatives handle.

Find Your Lost Reference Number Via Email

If you are unable to make a call or visit in person, you can contact SASSA via email at [email protected]. Don’t forget to provide your ID number and ask for help in reclaiming your reference number.

Check SASSA SRD Reference number through SASSA App

You can retrieve your forgotten SASSA Reference Number by downloading the user-friendly SASSA SRD Grant app. After a secure sassa registration process, log in and navigate to the main menu where your reference number will be displayed. This is a quick and easy access to your important reference ID.

Get your SASSA Reference number by Visiting SASSA office

If you feel difficult using above methods you can visit to your closest SASSA regional office and have a chat with their customer services team. Let them know you’ve lost your reference number and need help getting it back. They’ll likely ask for some identification, so make sure to bring along your ID or any relevant documents they might need. They’re there to assist and make sure you’re back on track with the necessary information.

Example of SASSA Reference Number

A SASSA Reference Number is a distinct code assigned to individuals when they apply for or receive grants from SASSA. It typically appears in the format ” numbers followed by STATUS,” such as STATUS 444 6655. This unique identifier is crucial for tracking and managing grant payments or applications within the SASSA system.

How to Avoid Using SASSA Reference Number

Here are some guidelines to prevent losing of your SASSA reference number once you’ve retrieved it:

  • Maintain a written record in your SASSA benefits folder or personal journal.
  • Preserve a digital copy on your mobile device, email, or safe online storage
  • Capture an image of any correspondence that contains your reference number.
  • Learn the number series to memory if feasible.
  • Avoid storing it solely in temporary spots such as text messages.

Difference between SASSA Application ID and Reference Number

Your SASSA application ID and reference number might seem like different things, but they’re actually two names for the same code. Whether they ask for one or the other, they’re looking for that special number that helps them keep track of your application or grant. So, if you hear either term, don’t worry – they’re just talking about the same important code.


To sum it up, the SASSA reference number is an essential tool for monitoring and controlling grant requests, covering repeat applications, complaints, and changes. There are numerous ways to recover this number regardless of the medium you choose, such as online websites, WhatsApp, USSD, email, or in-person visits to a SASSA office, facilitating an easy procedure for those applying. Keep in mind, it’s vital to protect and familiarize yourself with the reference number as it acts as a fundamental element in identifying and verifying the correct grant account holder within the SASSA system.

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